An 18-year-old Washington woman, the youngest of eight sisters, was shot fatally today in her dormitory at Virginia Union University in Richmond, where she was studying to be an anesthesiology technician.

The victim was identified as Janice Perry, of 2018 C St. NE. Richmond police said they arrested Anthony Brown, 20, described as a longtime acquaintance of the woman, and charged him with murder in the shooting.

The victim's father, Jeremiah Perry, a retired Government Printing Office employe, said that both his daughter and the suspect had graduated from Eastern High School here, Brown in 1975 and Janice Perry in 1976.

Detective Lt. M.E. Dawson of the Richmond police said was shot in the arm and in the stomach with a .38 caliber handgun about 3p.m. She died at Richmond Memorial Hospital about two hours later.

The shooting took place in Hartshorn Hall, a three-story girl's dormitory on the 1,450-student Virginia Union campus.

Detail of circumstances surrounding the shooting were not immediately clear. The victim's father said he understood that his daughter had been paged, came out of her room and was shot.

Brown, indentified by virginia Union authorities as a former student there, had been charged last November with abducting the victim, according to Lt. Dawson. An Associated Press report said Brown was acquitted of the charge at a trial convicted of a lesser offense and fined $100.

The victim's father said it was his belief that Brown had been trying to contact his daughter and that she "just didn't want to be bothered with him."

Richmond police said Brown was arrested at 2 a.m. yesterday in an apartment on the nortern edge of the city. He was charged with murder in the first degree and was being held yesterday in the city jail on $101,000 bond, according to Lt. Dawson.

Perry said his daughter had graduated from a modeling school here and had modeled clothing and makeup at shows staged by clubs and other amateur groups.

"She was a very smart child in school, very active (and) just went through school in a flash," said her grandmother, Earlena Perry.

In addition to her seven sisters, the victim also had a brother. She was born here and would have been 19 on March, 28, her father said.

Since the shooting, he said, "I've tried to cut it many ways, but it still adds up the same.

"It hurts."