Rep. Ronald V. Dellums (D-Calif.) introduced a bill in the House yesterday that would remove the congressional barrier to a D.C. commuter tax.

Dellums' proposal would amend the 1974 D.C. Home Rule Act by striking the clause that now prohibits the D.C. City Council from imposing any tax on nonresidents' personal income.

Mayor Walter E. Washington and City Council Chairman Sterling Tucker said last night they prefer Dellums' bill over a previously introduced measure that would premit Congress to impose an income tax on area commuters.

Dellums, chairman of the House District subcommittee on fiscal and governmental affairs, announced that hearings on his bill would be held March 14 and 15 along with the other measure. The latter is sponsored by Rep. Stewart B. McKinney (R.-Conn.), ranking minority member on the House District Committee.

The mayor said that he had "consistently favored the concept that the city should have the right to impose" such a tax. He commended Dellums and said he hopes the proposal will receive prompt and favorable support.

Tucker said the Dellums legislation is in keeping with recommendations of the President's Task Force on D.C. which said that "the federal government ought to move out of the District's business."