Three Prince George's County councilmen presented legislation this week that would prohibit elected officials from using funds from testimonials, fund raisers and benefits for their personal use.

Council members Gerard McDonough, William Amonett and Parris Glendening proposed the legislation at a time, they said, when "one or two such testimonials are in the planning stage."

"While there's nothing malicious in their intent," said McDonough, "this will put a policy (regarding their use) into formal law."

Although a few council members have held fund raisers over the past years - to raise money for postage, newsletters, tickets for others' fundraisers and the like - only one has filed a statement that he used such funds for personal use.

In a 1976 financial disclosure statement, the current council chairman, Fcancis P. White, said he received $4,112 in January 1975 from a testimonial given in his behalf in October 1973.

The proposed legislation would prevent that from happening again. "We don't want funds raised in this manner to go to personal use." said McDonough.

"There has always been a shadow of a doubt about those things (fundraising events)," said Amonett. "Did the people who bought tickets to them really know what those funds could be used for?"

"This has been an informal party policy all along," said McDonough. "But lately it has not been followed. We just don't want those funds to be used for groceries."