Martin Argona, an Ozon Hill developper considered somewhat of a maverick in its Republican powerless Prince George's County Republican Party, yesterday announced his candidacy for county executive.

Aragona, 41, begins his campaign to unsent Democratic imcumbent Winfield Kelly with a substanial personal tresury for the professionalassistance a high-powered public relations firms - Goodman and Associates of Baltimore

However, at this early stage his candidacy had not been well received by such party leaders as central committee Mellssa Martin and former U.S. representative Lawrence Hogan.

In a campaign imprecedented in Prince George's County, Aragdna and his public relations firm have scheduled a television advertising to biltz for next week, with 26 30-second spots running on three Washington stations from the Monday through Thursday.

Politicians in the Maryland suburbs of Washington advertising have traditionally spurned television advertising because of its expensie. Arogana, who paid the Tv blitz with his own money, said it was necessary to build his public recognition.

In two previous attmepts at public office. Aragons demonstrated some vote-getting ability desperate losing. In 1970, he was the top Republican vote-getter is an unsuccessful race for a House of Dalegates seat. Four years later, Aragona finished above all other Republicans in an unsuccessuful race all other House of Delegate seat. Four years later Argona finished above all toher Republicans is an successful contest fo County Cpuncil.

It was in that 1974 election that the Prinve Goerge's Democrat swept every elected office. In the county, from Congress to registr of wills.

Aragona, in his campaign announcement yesterday at the Prince George Motel Hotel said the Democrate have developed an "arrogance of power by putting politics and business and zoning and law practice all into one bag and calling it service to the people."

Aragona is the first Republican to announce formally for any county office for the 1978 elections. With Hogan and former county executive William Gullett already rejecting pleas that they run for the top position, some Republican leaders have begun a search for an alternative to Aragona.