At 11 a.m. yesterday, on a bright suburban Saturday in Beltsville, Murray and Elizabeth Crocker found a deer in their bath-tub.

It wasn't as if they didn't have any warnings. Minutes earlier, Elizabeth Crocker recalled, "I heard this here awful thump" outside her condominium, and she was sure that "some sort of maniac was let loose in the neighborhood."

She therefore lost no time in barricading herself in the bedroom when the thumps were followed by the crashing sounds of broken glass, and the next thing she saw was "this brown thing shooting by."

But it was no burglar or bandit that had made so dramatic an entry into the Crockers' ground floor condominium, but merely a deer, a doe in fact, crashing through just about anything that stood i her way.

The deer had made her first appearence at the Crockers' next-door neighbors, where, apparently startled by its reflection in the patio door, it had crashed through the glass, past the stunned occupant who were watching television at the time.

Without even waiting for the commercial, the deer plunged back outside ana then jumped through the window of the Crocker's 20-year-old son's nedroom. From there it was a quick bound into the Crockers' bathroom, where the doe managed to get herself into the tub, and in all of the flailing and thrashing of hooves, to tuen n the faucet.

While Murray Crocker has had little experience with deer in his life he, knew what to do with a doe in his rapidly filling bathtub. He called the police, who in turn, after expressing a certain curiosity about his sanity, called the Beltsville Volunteer Fire Department.

By the time the state game warden and five fire fighters in full regalia arrived on the scene, the deer was getting hysterical( the bathtub had overflowed; there were 2 inches of water on the floor, and the wall-to-wall c

Besides filling the tub, the dextrous deer also managed to connect with several firefighters in the general melee that ensued once the men tried tried to hogtie the deer and cover it with a tarpailin.

"A couple of our guys got kicked around all right," said one of the firefighters, while the deer escaped with slightly cut lip.

By noon, however, peace had been fighters, while the deer escaped with from his job at the department store.

Murray Crocker took the day off from his jon at the department store. Elizabeth came out of the bathroom. The deer was driven to a protected forest near the Tridelphia Reservior.