For the second time in two weeks, people who get their water from Fairfax City's Goose Creek water treatment plant in Loudoun Country are complaining about the high level of chlorine in their water.

Extra chlorine has been put into the water system since late Saturday night because of the recent melting snow and rain and the possibility of bacteria contamination from the water runoff, according to Fairfax City spokesmen Robert Becker. The water system serves 60,000 people in Fairfax City, Herndon, eastern Loudoun County and a small part of Fairfax County.

Becker explained that the watershed draining into Goose Creek covers a large amount of farmland in the area. That drainage collects organic material, such as decaying leaves, which produces a high bacteria level in the reservoir, he said. The recent rain and snow aggravated the normal problems of contamination brought on by spring runoff, he added.

Kenneth Sheldon, managing director of the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority, said an engineer form the Virginia Health Department toured the water treatment plant yesterday afternoon and found that the increased use of chlorine is satisfactory to reduce the bacteria contamination.

Becker said that about 60 Fairfax City water customers complained yesterday about the amount of chlorination in their water.

On Feb. 23 an operator at the filtration plant accidentally dumped a large amount of chlorine into the water system, prompting hundreds of complaints from consumers.