The Fairfax County Park Authority has allocated $4,853,270 of the bond money for use in the Dranesville District. The district is authorized to spend $3,204,000 on 29 development projects and $1,649,270 on 14 acquisition projects amounting to 150 acres of land.

The following is the second of three reports on projects and parks in the Dranesville District, where the money is scheduled to be spent in the next five years. Subsequent reports will describe where the money will be spent in the county's other magisterial districts.

Herndon Area - $300,000 was set aside to acquire up to 15 acres of land in 1979 for a community park, and $50,000 was allocated for development on the park in 1982. Herndon officials presently are making recommendations on possible sites. There is no master plan for development yet, but park Authority ideas for development presently include ballfields, an adult area, tennis and/or basketball courts, trails, parking, picnic and play areas.

Idylwood Road Area - $200,000 was set aside to purchase up to five acres of land for a community park adjacent to the West Falls Church Metro site, and $10,000 was set aside for development of the park. The Park Authority will begin site selection after Metro makes a final site selection. There is no master plan for development. The Park Authority will solicit residents' opinions in 1981 on how the park should be used. Development ideas currently include open play areas, picnic and playground areas.

Langhurst Tract - $30,000 was set aside to develop a community park on a 20-acre piece of land near Langley High School in McLean. No master plan for development has been approved yet.The Park Authority plans to solicit residents' opinions in 1982 on how the park should be used. Current development ideas include tennis courts, trails and landscaping.

Lewinsville Community Park - $330,000 was set aside for development in this 39-acre park at 1659 Old Chain Bridge Rd., McLean. The park currently has four temporary soccer-foot-ball fields. Construction is scheduled to begin this spring on an access road, parking, open play areas and two soccer-football fields. Money for that construction comes from a previous bond referendum.

A master plan already has been adopted on development that is a result of the current bond funds. Beginning in 1979, work is scheduled to begin on additional athletic fields, parking, restrooms, an adult area, tennis and basketball courts, picnic and playground areas, trials and landscaping.

McLean Central Park - $250,000 was set aside for development in this 23-acre community park at 1460 Dolley Madison Blvd., McLean. The park currently is an open grassy area with a fountain as a focal point, a small play and picnic area and walkways.

A master plan for development already has been adopted, but the Park Authority wants to take the plan back to the public for possible revision. Some items to be considered under the revision may include tennis and/or basketball courts, parking, landscaping, walks, an open play area and picnic and playground areas. The site also has been mentioned as a possible location for a swimming pool and/or an amphitheater.

A public hearing on the question of revising the development plans is scheduled for Tuesday, April 25, at 8 p.m. The location has not been set.

McLean Knolls Community Park - $10,000 was allocated for development in 1982 of this undeveloped 3-acre park at 1350 Balls Hill Rd., McLean. No master plan for development has been adopted yet. Residents' opinions will be solicited by the Park Authority in 1982 on how they want the park to be used. Development ideas currently include an open play area, picnic and playground areas and walkways.

Olney Community Park - $70,000 was allocated to develop this 20-acre park at 1929 Pimmit Dr., McLean. The park now has two ballfields, a basketball court, a conservation area, open play, picnic, and playground areas, parking, two tennis courts and trails.

A master plan for development already has been adopted. Work is scheduled to begin in 1980 on a shelter/restroom, trails and landscaping.

Pimmit Run Trails - $95,000 was set aside to develop a trail route along the Pimmit Run from Route 7 to Olney Park Through Olney Park to Great Falls Road, Westmoreland Street to Old Chesterbrook Road, Kirby Road to National Park Service property. The trail route will be developed in accordance with the adopted Countywide Trail Plan. Markers also will be construction at points of historic interest. Construction of these projects is staggered, with some development beginning late this year, and the rest in 1981 and 1982.

Riverbend Park - $500,000 was set aside to develop this 407-acre county park on Jeffrey Road in Great Falls. The park currently has a visitors center on the Potomac River, restrooms, a food service building, parking, an access road, boat launch facility, boat rentals, picnic tables and grills, trails, a photoblind for taking pictures of wildlife and managed conservation areas.

A master plan for development already has been adopted. Phased development begins in 1980 on a camping area, trails, parking, playground and picnic areas, a shelter, managed conservation and overnight environmental education areas and equestrian facilities.

Scotts, Difficult, Pimmit, Sugarland and Bullneck Stream Valleys - $327,270 was set aside for acquisition of up to 79 acres of selected parcels of land in areas of new subdivision development in Herndon, Great Falls, Dranesville and McLean, where developers have not made required donations of park land to protect stream valleys and their slopes. These are among the 13 stream valleys in the county that the Fairfax County Park Authority has pledged to preserve and protect. CAPTION: Picture, About $330,000 has been set aside to purchase the 16.3-acre Huntley Historic Site, which includes this federal period house and other buildings. By Linda Wheeler - The Washington Post