"What problems have you experienced in looking for a job?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the District's unemployment office to ask residents their views. Joseph Smith, 19, resident at 4th and Galveston SE: "The problem of finding a job is that there just aren't too many jobs to be had. They (the unemployment office) sent me out on two job interviews, so far. There seems to be a lot of running around. The jobs they send you on require so much experience. I believe if they need help why don't they just train you and hire you. Right now all I want is a job." Ervin Woodward, 23, resident at Southern Avenue and 22nd Street SE: "I've been disqualified from compensation for seven weeks because my former job says I was fired. I'm going to appeal that. Meanwhile how am I supposed to live? They still expect me to come and sign up even though I don't have a job or any income to come and sign up for a check. I don't have the income to go look for a job."kins, 19, journalism student at the University of Maryland-College Park campus: "I think one of the principal problems is when a person attempts to find a job the tellers (at the unemployment office) seem nonchalant and indisposed. They don't seem genuinely interested in taking care of people's problems.It can take a month or two months to find a job or receive compensation. I'm looking for part-time employment.", Carlos Miyares, 45, resident at 11th and E streets NW: "I've been searching for a job since December. I have a master's degree and I find it difficult to find a job. I've been having problems with the Civil Service Commission. I applied for a rating in December and I haven't received it yet. They said it would take 6 to 8 weeks. Now they say they can't find my application and I'll have to apply again." Dock, 28, resident at Georgia Avenue and Butternut NW: "I had a job at Walter Reed. It was minimum wage and I couldn't live on it. I'm a professional tractor-trailer driver. I have an excellent background. I've never been in trouble. I've been trying to get on Civil Service the past three years! They claim there's no openings or demand in my field. I came from Civil Service Friday. They have positions listed. I could get a job on my own, but I can't get the rating." 26, resident at Benton and 40th Street NW: "It takes so long to get a Civil Service rating and employers won't take you until you get a rating. It's one thing to go to the personnel department and another thing to talk to the people who are hiring. I have a master's degree. I'm a nutritionist. Now they (Civil Service) say they have a backlog of applicants. It will take 8 to 12 weeks to get a rating."Rose Lewis, 22, resident at 38th and Rhode Island Avenue NE: "At first I didn't mind being on unemployment. But now I want a job and it's hard. I don't find the people to be too friendly, primarily the interviewers. I don't think they know what it's like to be on the other side. I've been out of work since September. I have three years receptionist experience. My working ability is good, but they really haven't sent me on any interviews."