A former D.C. jail guard, charged with rape and other offenses in connection with armed assaults on women in the 14th Street NW corridor, was ordered held on $25,000 bond yesterday.

Bond was imposed pending a hearing in D.C. Superior Court on a government request that the man be jailed prior to trial because he is a danger to the community.

Last July, a D.C. Superior Court judge released the man, Ronald Stephen Bowyer, 30, to the supervision of a third-party custodian following Bowyer's arrest in connection with one of the assaults. Bowyer's trial is scheduled for May 30, according to the U.S. attorney's office.

Assistant U.S. Attorney John McDouglall Kern yesterday asked Judge H. Carl Moultrie I to detain Bowyer without bond prior to trial because Kern asserted, Bowyer has continued to return to the 14th Street area in violation of conditions of his release.

In addition, the government yesterday filed a formal complaint in Superior Court that charges Boyer with first-degree murder in connection with the shooting death of a woman whose body was found at Vermont Avenue and N Street NW last May 30. That case is expected to be sent to a grand jury, the U.S. attorney's office said.

In court papers, the government argued that the "safety of the community" could be assured only if Bowyer were jailed prior to trial.

Judge Moultrie set the $25,000 bond and scheduled a hearing for March 22 on the question of pretrial detention without bond.

According to District bail laws, a defendant can be held on a money bond only if it appears to the court that there is a likelihood that the defendant will fail to show up at the next scheduled court appearance.

If danger to the community is the issue, the government must show at a hearing that, based on the defendant's prior or present conduct, no conditions of release will "reasonably assure the safety of the community." If the court agrees, the defendant must be held without bond.

In an eight-count indictment, Bowyer was charged by a Superior Court grand jury with armed rape, armed robbery and sodomy in connection with assaults on four women last May and June. Bowyer lives in Forestville.

According to court papers, the women said they were picked up by a man driving a car in the 14th Street corridor and then taken to areas in Northwest Washington where they were sexually assaulted. Two of the women were robbed, according to the indictment.

Bowyer was employed as a correctional officer at the D.C. jail at the time the officer at the D.C. jail at the time the offenses occurred, the government said. At a hearing March 9, Bowyer's defense attorney said his client no longer has a steady job. The attorney, David E Schreiber, refused to commenton the case yesterday.