A District of Columbia police sergeant was indicted yesterday on charges of lying to a grand jury investigating allegations that police officers have been "protecting" a Northwest carryout in return for goods and other favors.

Charges in the four-count indictment in federal court here was police Sgt. Davis H. Moore, 36, of 8608 Reicher St., Landover. Moore is assigned to the 3rd Police District, where the carryout is located.

According to perjury counts outlined in the indictment, Moore is alleged to have lied to the grand jury about conversations he had with a fellow police officer concerning surveillance on Bosco's Carryout, 1017 M St. NW.

The surveillance conducted last summer grew out of allegations that gambling, "fencing" of stolen goods and bribery of police officers were taking place at the carryout, according to the indictment and investigators.

During the stake-out, numerous police officers reportedly were photographed entering and leaving the carryout - said to be a popular eating spot for police officers. Some of the officers were seen leaving the location with clothing, produce and other items, investigators said.

Among the persons photographed was one high-ranking police official, an inspector who was indentified in the indictment.

The questioning of Moore concerned allegations that someone in the police department had "blown" the surveillance by asking questions of other police officers on behalf of Philip (Bosco) Spungin, the carryout owner, the indictment said.

Moore said he could not remember participating in any such conversations, despite the prosecutor's detailed accounting of the talks before the grand jury.

Moore emphasized in his replies before the grand jury that the conversations he remembered concerned topics such as "getting together with some women" rather that alleged illegal activities at Bosco's.

The carry was the target of a gambling raid by the police department last summer following receipt of information that the activity was taking place sometimes in the presence of uniformed police officers.

An internal police department investigation, conducted in cooperation with Assistant U.S. Attorney Theodore A. Shmanda of the major crimes division, has failed to substantiate any allegations of police bribery. Yesterday's indictment is the only charge to come out of the year-long investigation, although Shmanda said investigation is continuing.