"City News," the new publication put on by the District of Columbia government, went into general circulation yesterday as city employes trucked bundles of them to libraries, hospitals, schools, recreation centers, housing project and clinics.

With a circulation of 90,000. City News now is one of the largest general circulation newspapers in the city, ranking aheads of a number of established weeklies.

The publishers of some weekly newspapers were mixed in their views about the new Journal.

Calvin Rolark, publisher of the weekly Washington Informer, said the new paper is "something that is needed."

ke Kendrick ,publisher of the Capital Spotlight, said, 'I don't think the District government should go into competition with us in the newspaper business. I think their money and time should go into solving the problems of the city. If they're doing that, they don't have to worrt about being voted in and if they're not, they should be out anyway.'

Kendrick said he did not believe the new publication would affect his paper's circulation, or its potential, because City News is a "a propaganda limt."

Other publisher questioned whether it was a newspaper at all. Sam Eastman, the mayor's spokesman, said yesterday he regards it as both "an internal newletter" and an "information newspaper."

With half the 90,000 copies destined for the public, the debut marks an unprecedented attempt by the city government to communicate directly with citizens.

The first issue's lead stories deal with Mayor Walter E. Washington's proposals for urban development and his orders to fix potholes.

There has been some speculation that the debut of City News is linked with the possibility that the mayor will announce shortly for reelection. Eastman has said the timing is a coincidence.