Nadine Winter became the second council incumbent to announce that she would seek re-election to her present seat this year.

"Yes, despite all the rumors you may have heard to the contrary, I will seek re-election to the Ward 6 seat on the Council," Winter said. "I intend to run on my record . . . If you look at the record of the council Nadine Winter has been there."

Winter said this week she supports rent control, even though it is a "stop-gap measure for housing in the city."

"There are thousands of people who can't afford a dollar more" for rent, she said, and ending arent control would be unfair to those persons.

She said the major issues Ward 6 probably would include getting more representation on the more than 100 boards and commissions appointed by the city government to advise and, in some cases, establish city policy.

Winter also said she planned to work to improve the delivery of city services to that area of the city and to get more public works funds for the ward.

Allen (Bud) Avery is chairman of the Winter campaign organization and Edward M. Dudley, a Lincoln Park mortician, is treasure and principal fund raiser.

Winter, the former director of Hospitality House in Northeast Washinton, is expected to face at least four opponents in the race to see who will represent the Capitol Hill and near Northeast sections of the city.

But, she said, "I do not expect the votes to divided. I expect to win overwhelming in Ward 6."

In 1974, she won the Democratic primary with 47 percent of the vote.

One likely opponent was Ray Gooch, a Republican who lives in the ward and had been favored by some leaders of the city's dormant Republican Party. But Gooch was sitting at Winter's side when announced this week, and is listed as a vice chairman of the Winter campaign organization.

Winter has served as chairman of the council's housing and urban development committee and has been most closely associated with its passage of legislation to continue the city's rent control laws.