The Vienna Town Council has delayed making a final site recommendation on a Metrorail terminal to be built in the Vienna area.

At a public hearing this week, council members said they will vote April 3 on the proposed sites. Their recommendation will be forwarded to Fairfax County to be included in the county's recommendation to the Metropolitan Council of Governments.

Metro had originally planned to build the station in the median strip of I-66 near Nutley Road, just outside been approved and land acquisition has begun, according to Metro official Gerald Metaxatos. The plans also would include a station at Dunn Loring.

An alternate location has been proposed for the median strip on Dulles Access Road, about 1 1/4 miles west of I-495 near Spring Hill Road. Metro estimates that building a terminal there would cost $60 million more than the Nutley Road station and would take about five years longer to complete.

The council has proposed that instead of the Nutley Road terminal, the Metro line continue to Centreville and terminate there. Council members said their opposition was based on fear of increased bus and auto traffic in the residential Nutley Road area and the possibility of high-density development.

However, the council scheduled the public meeting after some residents urged the council to reconsider its original recommendation Dec. 19 opposing the Nutley Road terminal.

Of the 24 residents who spoke at the public meeting, 15 favored the Nutley Road terminal and nine were opposed. A show of hands in the crowded council chamber indicated a majority favored the Nutley Road site.

Jack Mitchell, president of the Westbriar Civic Association said his organization supported the Nutley Road site.

"Nutley Road is far more accessible than the Tyson's area site," he said. The Nutley Road station, he added, would serve commuters rather than shoppers; the planning is completed for the Nutley station, and the Spring Hill terminal would cost more.

Carmelita Dinterman, of the Vienna Chamber of Commerce, reported the results of an informal mail survey the chamber made on the proposed sites.

She said that of the 222 responses (out of 750 mailed), 118 favoured the Nutley station, 58 favored a Vienna terminal, but preferred one west of the Nutley Road site. Forty-six favored the Dulles Access site.

Mrs. Stewart Lauer, who lives near the proposed Nutley Road terminal said she believed traffic and development would harm the residential character of the community.

The Nutley Road station would have parking spaces for 2,000 cars and would be served by feeder buses. Metro estimates that by 1990, each weekday 9,745 passengers would use the terminal.

The Spring Hill site would have 1,000 parking spaces, 38 feeder buses and an estimated ridership of 6,721 by 1990. The Vienna site at Nutley if the Tyson's Spring Hill site is selected, according to Metro.

FInal selection of the terminal site will be made by the Metropolitan Council of Governments (COG), the COG Transportation Planning Board and the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority.