State police have arrested about 60 men, including doctors, engineers, physicists and at lest one high level government employe, in a continuing crackdown on homosexual activity at Maryland Interstate highway rest stops.

The arrest Friday night of six men at the Maryland House restaurant on John F. Kennedy Highway, north of Baltimore, was the latest action in an investigation that began early this year.

It was prompted by "numerous" complaints from citizens that they had been confronted by homosexuals in restrooms along the highway, according to state police spokesman William E. Clark.

Nearly 30 arrests have been made at two rest stops on both sides of Interstate 95 about midway between Baltimore and the District. Friday night's arrest bring to 32 the number of men apprehend at Maryland House, police said.

These locations have become "particular gathering places for homosexual activitiy," Clark said. "And the homosexualare not just people driving through Maryland. They are locals who are going to these rests stops to gather."

The problem has become so intense that in one case, minutes after a man was marched out of Maryland House in handcuffs, another was nabbed in the restroom, Clark said.

The rest stops are listed in a Washington underground newspaper as good places for homosexuals to meet people, according towire reports.

Travelers allegedly have confronted by the homosexuals at all times of the day, and the problem is continuing despite the heavy crackdown, Clark said.

The six men arrested Friday night by undercover investigators were charged with perverted practises, police said. They ranged in age from 24 to 50, and all but one came from the Baltimore-Washington area, police said.

Clard said that many of those arrested have been professional men, including one he described as a high level employe at "a national security agency."

Clark said he hoped that with stepped-up enforcement "the word would spread that these aren't the safest places to operate."

The two rest areas on I-95 include picnic tables, restrooms and information trailer. In the past, police had said that a wooded area, down a path from the parking lot, also was a gathering spot for homosexuals.