The PTL religious television network, which has had differences with local and state officials on issues such as taxes and fund solicitation registration, will move just across the North Carolina state line into York County, S.C.

The network's announcement said its multimillion-dollar complex in Charlotte no longer is adequate for its expanding program.

PTL, first known as Praise the Lord but now known as People That Love, produces and syndicates programs are shown throughout the United States and in some foreign countries. Its PTL evangelical talk show is shown daily in more than 40 states.

In announcing the plan to leave Charlotte, PTL executive vice president Robert Monzano said PTL will move to a 1,100-acre rural site purchased for $1.6 million. PTL plans to build new studios, offices, a university campus and camping sites.

Monzano said the move is not being made to avoid local taxes in Charlotte where Mecklenburg County commissioners recently voted to rescind PTL's tax exemption. Overcrowding of the Charlotte facilities, located on a 25-acre site, is forcing the network to move its headquarters elsewhere, Monzano said.

"We've expanded in the last year from about 250 to about 500 employes. "We'll probably have about 1,000 employes by fall. We desperately need space," he said.

PTL reported last year about $1.5 million a month in donations.

York County Manager Gene Klugh, said South Carolina laws on religious organizations exempt a church building and other buildings used for religious purposes and surrounding areas. He said he does not believe property used for commercial purposes could be exempted.