A separate poll of the two Fairfaxes, conducted last month by a private polling firm for several attorneys upset over a proposals to move the county offices and possibly court facilities out of Fairfax City, also asked about the school issue and city-county relations.

That poll found 50 percent of city residents oppose leaving the county school system, 28 percent favor it and 22 percent are uncertain, according to Ed DeBolt of Donnelly Marketing, which conducted the poll for former Fairfax City Mayor John C. Wood and several other attorneys.

The Donnelly poll also found 45 per cent of city residents disagree or strongly disagree with council actions moving the city to greater independence from Fairfax County. Some 37 percent agreed or strongly agreed with council actions and the rest were undecided. The Donnelly poll surveyed 500 registered voters, 125 of them in the city.

On the proposed move of county courts and/or offices, the Donnelly poll found the moves opposed by 58 percent of city residents and 45 per cent of county residents. Only 10 per cent of city residents and 23 percent of county residents favor the moves, with 32 percent undecided in both the city and county.