Lee S. Manor, a politically active school teacher, has become the second announced candidate for one of the two at-large seats on the D.C. City Council that will be filled in this year's election.

Manor (pronounced May-nor) held a news conference in the District Building to tell his plans. He will seek the Democratic nomination to fill the seat being vacated by Douglas E. Moore, who is running for council chairman.

Only one of the at-large seats involved in this year's election may be held by a Democrat. The other must be held by a nominee of a minority party. It is now occupied by Hilda H. Mason of the Statehood Party, who is expected to seek reelaction.

Manor, 54, a resident of the District of Columbia since 1952, is a science teacher at Francis Junior High School. he was a founder and is cochairman of the Political Action Committee of the Washington Teacher Union and is a delegate from that to the Greater Washington Central Labor Council.

A part-time cab driver, Manor also is a past vice president of Capitol Cab Cooperative Association.

Manor said he hopes to win a labor endorsement in July.

A longtime resident of Ward 6, Manor now lives in Ward 4. The other announved candidate for the Democratic at-large nomination, Betty Ann Kane, also lives in Ward 4. She is a member of the Board of Education.

Manor said that as a council member he would attempt to give schools a larger share of the city budget. He said he would vote to grant city employes the right to bargain through unions for wages and working conditions.

A deacon of the Berean Baptist Church, Manor said he opposes a recent recommendation by the city's tax revision commission to tax churchowned porperty.

Married to the Rev. Mary Manor, a Baptist minister, he is the father of two children, Mary Ellen, 13, and Obrient, 8.