Fairfax County citizens who want the Metro subway to their area split Monday night over whether one line should go to Vienna as planned or to Tyson's Corner as proposed, and a few of them said they want no Metro at all.

The forum was a public hearing before the County Supervisors, who must decide what to recommend to a regional task force. The task force is completing work on a federally ordered restudy of the planned 100-mile Metro system.

Two planned lines that serve Fairfax County are among four lines under study:

The Orange Line from Rossyln to Vienna. That line is under construction as far as the Ballston station, near Glebe Road and the Fairfax Drive in Arlington. The regional task force has recommended that it be completed to either Tyson's Corner or Viena.

The Yellow Line, from King Street in Alexandrea, west to Van Doren Street, then south across the Beltway to the Franconia Station, just southeast of Springfield Mall. This line is regarded as prime for elimination by some federal officials. The regional task force is studying elimination, shortenening the line to Van Doren Street and completing it as palnned to Franconia.

John Stevens, president of the Dunn Loring association, said he favored completion of the Vienna line as planned. That line includes a Dunn Loring station; the Tyson's Corner alternative does not.

"We suggest that the Vienna terminal will conserve energy, reduce transportation costs and reduce (traffic) congestion," " Stevens said.

But Ed Herlihy of a citizens' committee appointed by the supervisors reported that its preferred alternative was a Tyson's Corner terminal is expected to cost more to build than the Vienna terminal but attract several thousand more riders.

Robert A. Nelson, who spoke for a coalition of McLean-area citizens associations, said his group thought the Vienna line should be terminated at Ballston. He said completion of the route to either Vienna or Tyson's Corner would force high density zoning into a plesant residential area and that the completion of 1-66 would provide a rapid route for cheaper byt adequat bus service.

Edmund Camwit of a group called the Coalition for Metro Accountability also opposed construction beyond the 60 miles of Metro that are presently funded.

Several speakers from the Springfield-Franconia are fovored completion of the line to Franconia. "It's worth something to the automobile driver to get some of us off the road," said Dick Crom. "let's build the whole thing."

Karl Sell, a member of the county planning commission from the Lee District, said the Franconia station was essential for the transportation needs of a high-density residential community planned in that area.