"Do you believe police officers should be used on an overtime basis to repair and maintain officesat police headquarters?"

Robert Malesky, 28, radio producer, 15th and Otis NE:I don't have any objection to that if the police officers don't. I don't consider it demeaning if the cost factor is less and police officers aren't losing any money."

Peter Edelman, 21, student, 16th Street and Park Road: "I think people who are suitably trained for that should get paid for repair and maintenance work. I don't think police officers should do that type of work."

Vivian Gardner, 26, clerical supervisor, Colorado and Montague streets NW: "I don't think policemen ought to do it. They're not hired for that. Instead of painting offices they should be protecting citizens."

Martin Fuchs, 25, law cler, 22d and L Streets NW: "I don't think it's worth taxpayers dollars to pay for that type of thing. It seems to be an inefficient way of doing things.Police officers are highly qualified, trained professionals."

Robert A. Johnson, 58, newspaper vendor, 16th and R streets NW: "I'm 100 percent for the police but I don't think they should be doing that. They make enough money as it is on duty."

Henri Morris, 73, owner of public relations firm, 27th and Q streets NW: "I'm absolutely opposed. I think a policeman should be a policeman. If you need people to do that kind of work you should hire them for that."

Eugene Robinson, engineer, 44, 13th and W Streets NE: "That's our tax money. They could hire unemployed people to do that and then you don't have to pay them as much money."