The city manager of Fairfax City, George E. Hubler Jr., has applied for the same job in Spokans, Wash., according to a Spokane city spokesman.

Hubler, who did not return a reporter's call to his office, is one of five finalists for the $35,000-$40,000 post and is expected to go to Spokane for an interview sometime this month, according to an official there. Hubler has held his Fairfax job since 1974. It presently pays $35,110.

A spokesman for Fairfax City, Robert Becker, said Hubler's application for the Spokane job came "not because he's concerned" about the upcoming city election. "He's not unhappy here . . . he simply wants to examine good opportunities and Spokane's a step up . . . a city of 170,000 people." Fairfax has about 21,000 residents.

The city manager in Fairfax, as in most cities, serves at the pleasure of the city council. And the city will elect a new council and mayor May 2. A recent Washington Post poll found that a majority of city residents are opposed to recent actions of the mayor and majority on the present city council, actions designed to take Fairfax out of the Fairfax County school system and set up a separate city school system.

Hubler was assistant city manager and budget director in Alexandria for four years before taking the Fairfax City job. He is a former Army major and was a civilian adviser for the Agency for International Development, serving in South Vietnam and Washington.