Identification cards that enable handicapped people to ride Metro-buses and the subway at reduced fares are being distributed in area communities by Metro's handicapped assistance unit.

To receive an identification card, people with handicaps should request a doctor's form from the transit authority by calling 637-1245. After a doctor has filled in the needed information, applicants should make an appointment at any of 10 regional centers. Senior citizens and handicapped people can ride Metrobuses and the subway at half the non-rush hour fare. Cards are issued at the following Maryland locations:

Silver Spring - First Tuesday of the month at the Computer Science Building, Silver Spring Center, 8728 Colesville Rd. Metrobuses on Routes Z2 and Z4 may beused to get there.

Rockville - Third Saturday of the month at Aspen Hill Library, 4407 Aspen Hill Rd. Metrobuses on Routes C8 and Q4 on Bauer Drive may be used to get there.

Hyattsville - Second Tuesday of the month at the Hyattsville Branch Library, 6530 Adelphi Rd. Metrobuses on Routes C2, F4, F6, F8 or R2 may be used to get there.

Hillcrest Heights - Fourth Saturday at the Hillcrest Heights Branch Library, 2342 Iverson St. Metrobuses on Routes H11, H12, P12 and S12 can be used to get there.

For more information, call 637-1245 or 637-1246.