Maureen K. Steinecke, self-described "moderate voice" on the Prince George's County Board of Education, resigned yesterday to become executive director of the Maryland Association of Boards of Education.

She said her new job will "allow me to support the statewide lay control of public education. I want to keep education in the hands of school boards and away from administrators.

Steinecke was a member of the first elected Board of Education in Prince George's County. During her first term, she sat with the liberal side, voting in the minority but shaping significant policies that still govern the school system. Chief among these policies is the Steinecke-Warr amendment that insures that any redistricting of pubic schools follows racial guidelines set out by the 1972 court-ordered busing plan for desegregation.

Steinecke was one of three board members up for reelection in 1976 and she was the only one to win in a sweep of moderate candidates over conservative opponents.

Steinecke, vice president of the state association since 1974, said her decision to resign from the $6,500-a-year board seat came "not from any problems I have with the board" but because "my eldest child is starting college next year and I was going to look for a full-time job anyway." The executive director's position pays "around $20,000" according to one source.

Steinecke said she will remain on th board until her replacement is appointed by the county executive and County Council. Her successor will serve until 1981, when the job is up for election.