A three-month-old feud between two members of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 8D in Southwest Washington culminated Thursday in a pushing and shoving match between the two after an argument over the office secretary's responsibilities.

Michael Wasilow, elected to the commission last fall, signed a complaint in the U.S. attorney's office Friday alleging that he was assaulted by the chairman of ANC 8D, Leigh Stinner. In addition, Wasilow's lawyer, JePhunneh Lawrence, said yesterday he intends to file a civil suit in D.C. Superior court on Monday.

It all started about 3 p.m. on Thursday.

According to Wasilow he had come into the office and asked the secretary to type a copy of his testimony the previous night before the City Council's Walter Resources Planning Board.

Wasilow said he had testitied, along with 8D commissioner Maxine D. Sutton, against the location of a sludge disposal plant at Oxon Cove, behind D.C. Villages about a mile from Bolling Air Force Base.

"I came back in few moments later and the secretary was typing a school paper for one of our employees," Wasilow said. "When I had a minute with her alone I asked her why she wasn't doing commission work. She said she was allowed to work on other things and called me a pain in the - . I then asked Stinner what right she had to talk that way to me."

"I told him she could talk that way to him because he was a pain in - ," Stinner said. "When she tried to say something he said, 'you shut up.' By then we were face-to-face. He pushed me and I grabbed him by the collar and shoved him. He fell onto a chair and the chair toppled."

Wasilow is disabled and living on welfare as a result of a serious back injury five years ago. He said he was treated and released at Greater Southeast Community Hospital and in his complaint alleged that Stinner assaulted him with a dangerous weapon. Stinner denied the allegation.

Both men agreed yesterday that there had been bad blood between them since Wasilow joined the commission in January. But they gave different reasons for the problem.

Wasilow says Stinner wants to stop Wailow's opposition to the Oxon Cove composting plant.

Stinner said that "the man (Wasilow) wants to see his name in lights. He's tried to order everyone in the city around. He insists on participating in things he knows nothing about".

Wasilow said Stinner won't let him get involved in the debates going on over the sludge disposal plant because Stinner wants the plant built.

"I've said no such thing," Stinner said. "There are still serious problems which need to be investigated. This thing is a long way from being decided."