Richmond M. (Max) Keeney, a Montgomery County planning board Commissioner, yesterday announced his candidacy for Montgomery County executive. He becomes the second Republican to enter the race.

Keeney portrayed himself as the candidate for moderates. He said he would encourage greater business participation in the community and pare down government involvement. 'Government doesn't have to do everything," he said.

Since County Executive James P. Gleason announced he will retire from office, four Democrats have also said they will run for the job. Gleason is the first elected Montgomery County Executive and has held the position for eight years.

Keeney, 47, is the membership and insurance director for the Air Force Association in Washington. A Bethesda resident, he has been active in civic associations since he moved to the county in 1956. He is a former president of the Westmoreland Citizens Association and the West Bradley Citizens Association.

Keeney sat on the county council from 1966 until 1970, when he lost reelection. Keeney said he was approached by Republicans who suggested he run for the county executive office after Gleason announced he would retire.

"I think I'm recognized as a moderate kind of candidate," said Keeney. "I've long been interested in the position and people seem to be comfortable with my running."

In addition to his position that business should be spending more and government less money to solve community problems, Keeney said he hopes to address Montgomery County's continuing problems with its sewage treatment system.