"What does visiting Washington mean to you?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went along the Tidal Basin to ask Cherry Blossom observers their views. Archie Sust, retired, Chicago resident: "Public transportation is terrible. You wait half an hour to complete the subway. In Chicago we have a lot more activities in the civic center, down in the Loop they have entertainment. I say here 2-3 months a year to visit my family. It is a beautiful city. There's a lot of hills and I like the winters here." Joel Epstein, 29, Associated Press reporter in Israel: "The cherry blossoms are very nice but we have nice blossoms in Israel. We have almond blossoms. It's a very nice place. We're very impressed with the drivers - cars stop when you cross the street. In Israel they don't do that. I'm also impressed with the shopping, how everything opens late." Noma S. Butts, 85, retired, Birmingham, Ala.: "It's not that I have to love Washington but I do. It's very beautiful with it's man-made buildings. And the nature our Lord has made makes it more beautiful." Ovie Syring, retired, Tuscaloosa, Ala: "I was reared on a country farm and I always pictured Washington as being out of reach, that I'd never be able to see it. My sister moved to Bethesda and it gave me an opportunity to visit. (Coming here) made me appreciate history more. I love to go to the historical places. You never get finished seeing the wonders and historical scenes." Y. T. Chang, retired, Jackson, N. J.: "I think it's so peaceful here and something like a paradise. I hope this peace will last forever. I like the fresh air, sunshine. I want to visit the museums, the White House. In a couple of months you couldn't cover everything." Lucy Cole, 50, housewife, Olean, N. Y.: "I think it's a beautiful town. There's all these gorgeous buildings. So many beautiful places to visit. There's always something going on. It's great to be here where everything's happening." Helen Lantagne, 36, nurse, Walterboro, S.C.: "I think it's a beautiful city. I enjoy the flowers, especially at this time of year because the cherry blossoms are in bloom. I think it's just great."