George Gurley, member of Advisory Neighborhood Commission 6A on Capitol Hill, has announced his candidacy for the Ward 6 seat on the City Council.

In a statement detailing his candidacy, Gurley sharply criticized the incumbent council member, Nadine Winter, contending that she has done little to correct problems in the word.

"Nadine Winter has often stated that she is strictly a legislator," Gurley said. "People living in this ward and in this city need more than just a legislator. We need strong leadership, credibility and above all someone (who has) lived and worked in these environments and understands the wants and needs of the people."

With his statement, Gurley issued a 31-plank platform dealing with an array of issues, from increased employment to the need for child care.

"People are concerned about decent and affordable housing, employment for their families, reduction of crime in the streets, better education for their children, more recreational facilities, street and alley cleaning, police brutality, Medicaid and Medicare," Gurley said. "They are some of the issues that need emergency attention."

A native Washington who retired from the Air Force in 1969, Gurley is 50 and single. He has a degree in urban studies from Federal City College.

Currently he is a housing adviser for the Centre City Community Corp. and is a member of numerous civic and activist organizations.