When off-duty Prince George's County policeman Kenneth M. Miles, 28, saw a plane crash shortly after take-off last September at the Rose Valley Airport in Clinton, he rushed to the scene. Joined by several others, he pulled the pilot from the burning wreckage, extinguished the blaze and then administered first aid to the pilot and a passenger who had been thrown from the plane.

Miles, along with other policemen, firemen and citizens were given special awards for their bravery during a police and fire department banquet held recently by the Prince George's County Chamber of Commerce.

On another incident, Prince George's County firefighter John E. Bradburn responded to a fire at the County Detention Center in Upper Marlboro in October 1976 and began evacuating inmates who were lost in thick black smoke.

As Bradburn shouted instructions to inmates and directed them to safety, one inmate ripped off Bradburn's airmask, exposing him to the deadly smoke, fire officials said. Bradburn continued giving rescue instructions until he was physically unable to continue.

He was rushed to the hospital, where he suffered respiratory arrest twice before he recovered, fire officials said. Bradburn is now assigned to light duty at the fire department.

For his efforts, the Fire Department awarded him the Gold Star of Valor.

According to county fire spokesman Duncan Munroe, the Fire Department gave eight awards for bravery, dating back to 1976. The department has not held an official awards ceremony in two years.

Other Fire Department award recipients included Richard Granzo, who while off-duty rescued two children from their burning home, according to fire officials.

And then there was Montgomery County firefighter Kenneth Taylor who witnessed an auto accident on the Baltimore-Washington Parkway and rescued two victims from a burning car. He attempted to rescue a third before flames engulfed the car, killing the last occupant.

Jane Elliott, a nurse at the Manor Care Adelphi Nursing home received the Bronze Star of Valor from the Fire Department for her quick action in extinguishing a patient's burning clothes. Elliot received first- and second-degree burns of her arms during her successful effort to save the patient, the fire spokesman said.

Two firemen, Gary Frostbutter and James Miller, also received special awards from the Fire Department - Frostbutter for rescuing a man from a burning house last December and Miller for helping develop the county's mobile intensive care unit.

The award to Miller was to have been presented by Fire Chief Frank P. Briguglio, who died in Florida a week before the ceremony. In the future this award, now named after the late fire chief, will be presented annually.

The county Police Department honored four other patrolmen for their heroic efforts, including David E. Shamburg, who also got a special award from the Fire Department for helping evacuate at least 15 residents from an Adelphi apartment building. Officials said Shamburg went from door to door alerting tenants, and when that effort seemed to fail, he used his police cruiser siren to alert them.

Other patrolmen honored were Douglas Henegar, who last December rescued the driver of an overturned car, and officers Richard Panosh and Darryl M. Kingman, who evacuated residents from a burning apartment building last January.