The Bastille, a College Park bar and dance hall that has been a target of neighborhood protests, won a court order this week allowing it to keep its liquor license, at least temporarily.

The order, issued by U.S. District Court in Baltimore Monday, Prohibits the Prince George's County Board of License Commissioners from removing the license, according to the club's attorney.

The order runs through April 27. But the club, which has been in a see-saw battle with the county over the license since last April, comes up for another license renewal hearing on April 29. That hearing is on a new one-year license that would take effect May 1.

The battle over the club's license began a year ago when several neighborhood residents argued before the board that club patrons were rowdy and disordely when they returned to their cars parked on residential streets. The board then issued the club's 1977-78 license with a provisor that the club hard out tickets in its parking lot and allow only patrons holding those tickets to enter the club.

Complaints started"pouring in" to the board that the regulation was not being followed according to board administrator Patricia Hincken. The club's license was revoked at a hearing in December, she said.

Arguing that the regulation was unreasonable, the club won a county Circuit Court order that remanded the case back to the board for another hearing, according to Andrew Graham, the club's attorney.

Graham said the board then held an executive session, rather than a hearing, and again ordered revocation. The club appealed again in Circuit COurt only this time it lost.

The Bastille then sought Monday's court orderon the grounds that club owners' rights of due process had been denied.