A federal grand jury in Alexandria indicted two Arlington men yesterday in connection with a scheme in which they allegedly lured 25 women into their Arlington Towers suite and promised them fame and fortune as models and actresses in return for sexual favors.

But according to the seven-count indictment Leo Christy Condolon, also known as Mr. Leo, and Robert Bernard Stark, never made any of the women stars in television commercials for Palm oil spray, Charlie perfume, Jean Nate products, Coty, Triscuit or Maybelline as they allegedly promised.

Nor were they affiliated with Twentieth Century Fox Studios or have anything to do with many top models and actresses such as Sybil Shepherd as the 14-page indictment alleges they told the women.

The seven-count indictment charging the men with fraud, alleges that from Nov. 1, 1974, through March 1, 1977, Condolon and Stark rented an apartment at Arlington Towers, in Arlington and opened the offices of Cinema Enterprises, purportedly an employment agency for actresses and models.

Cinema Enterprises allegedly placed an advertisement in The Washington Post which said the agency was interviewing models and actresses and was hiring them at starting salaries of $25 an hour, the indictment said.

The two men allegedly interviewed women and obtained personal information such as age, home address, telephone numbers, prior acting or modeling experience, occupation, height, weight and measurements. They also promised the women free acting lessons at George Washington University and Catholic University, the indictment alleges.

The women were also given fraudulent scripts for several national products which they were told to memorize, the indictment stated.

But the women's success "depended on their willingness to submit to illicit sexual advances and propositions from "(Stark and Condolon) and to provide sexual favors to "the two men and not others.

Cinema Enterprises was "a front to disguise efforts by the defendants to inveilgle young women to Arlington to be propositioned, seduced, molested and debauched for the personal gratification of the defendants," according to the indictment.