An Army office that employs about 2,000 civilians in Alexandria may be transferred to Indiana if a Defense Department proposal to save up to $336 million in the annual defense budget takes effect.

According to a spokesman for Congressman Herbert E. Harris (D-Va.), the Army Military Personnel Center in Alexandria is one of about 85 military bases and installations that may be closed down or consolidated in the proposal.

"So far they've just put out a proposed hit list," Harris said yesterday. Harris said that the Army was considering consolidating the Alexandria personnel center with the one at Fort Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis, Ind. The consolidation would probably mean a transfer of the 3,000 employees at the Alexandria Center, 2,000 of whom are civilians.

The Army plans first to begin a study of the move and its possible impact, an aide to Harris said. The study alone could take between four and 10 months, he said.

"You take 2,000 civilian jobs out of the area and it's obviously going to have an adverse economic impact," Harris said. "These projects are always supposed to save money, but sometimes they end up costing more than they save. We're just going to have to study the figures very, very closely."

Harris was one of a number of senators and congressmen in 19 states who were forewarned of the proposal because they represented jurisdictions containing the affected sites.