Staff writer Joann Stevens and photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the Brookland Metro station to ask Metro riders their views. Thomas E. Berry, 63, retired government worker, resident at First and Urell streets NE: "It's better than riding the bus; it's a lot quicker. It takes me 20 minutes to walk to the station. But I enjoy it in good weather. I don't try it in bad weather." Katie Megan, 22, Catholic University student, resident at 7th and Monroe streets NE: "It's made it really easy for me to get to work and the YWCA downtown and to class at Catholic U. I walk half a block to get the train and it's just easy." Alexis Floyd, 24, sales clerk, resident at 16th and Newton streets NE: "I like it. The only thing I dislike is the fact we don't have any way to transfer from the bus to the subway. You pay double fares. It's more expensive. Still, it's pretty quick and better than riding the bus." Mary Selcik, 21, Catholic University student, resident at 7th and Monroe streets NE: "As a student, I'm mostly looking for a way to get downtown to look for jobs. It's not a two minute walk to get here." Roberta Dendy, 56, retired government worker, resident at 17th and Otis Place NE: "I feel it has inconvenienced me as far as the parking (at the station). I'd rather drive anyway rather than take it because I can't find parking. Everybody that works gets the spots. I'm retired. By the time I get ready to go out the spots are gone. The three times I've ridden it it was wonderful." Robert Ballard, 18, construction worker, resident at 14th and Hamlin streets NE: "I had to walk two blocks (to the bus) before. Now it's about five blocks uphill. The wind was fighting you back down the hill this winter. The bus schedules are slower and I have to get out a little earlier. Still I'd rather take the Metro than the bus." Michelle Greene, 18, clerk typist, resident at 14th and Jackson streets NE: "I'm on here everyday. I work at the Pentagon. A lot of the bus schedules have been changed. I have to leave home earlier and walk a few blocks more. But I don't find the bus system more convenient than Metro."