In a hostile move against the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, the Greek (Orthodox) Arch-dioeese of North and South America has advised its members in Salt Lake City that "the blessing of a marriage of an Orthodox Christian with a Mormon is not permitted."

The letter, which came in response to inquiries from parishes in areas with heavy Morman populations, was signed by Bishop Silas of Amphipolis, an official of the church. It said that such marriages will be blessed only if the Morman party "is accepted into Orthodoxy through the Sacrament of Holy Baptism."

Officials of the Roman Catholic Greek Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox have joined other Christian bodies in expressing their objection to a new Israeli law making it a criminal offense to offer anyone "material benefit." to change religions. The law took effect April 1.

In a letter to Israeli President Ephraim Katzir, the three prelates asked him to prevent use of the law, saying the law reflected the "hostile and undemocratic" attitude in a country "claiming to be the most democratic in the Middle East."

In 1980 U.S. Olympic games at Lake Placid, N,Y,. may also be the scene of mass evangelizing by Southern Bapists and other groups that have formed the fist Olympic religious affairs committe.

Organized to set up religious services for the crowds expected to mob the small town for the games, the group will hold a convocation on June 8 to decide best how to approach their new "ministry."

A pending National Labor Relations Board action in connection with the Salvation Army's Independent Thrift Stores Employees Union in the Denver area could cause a national boycott attempt against the Salvation Army, according to union attorney Carwin Bleidt.

The dispute involves question of whether employes in categories not outlined in the union documents can be admitted to the union sincemany have expressed interest in joining, he said.