"Do you think solar energy is a viable alternative to using gas and electric?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and photograher Michael Ford Parks went to the Mall at the Washington Monument to ask Sun Day observers their views. Gerry Coan, 36, urban planner, Alexandria, Va., resident: "It (the sun) is an undepletable resource and we're running out of fuel. Solar energy is also non-polluting. Whether or not it's the only way to go is another question." Jim Wood, 30, assistant manager of a bookstore, resident at Biltmore and Columbia Road NW: "I guess what I've been listening to today has confirmed what I already believed before. Solar energy is not just plausible but necessary to preserve the earth." William Wright, 25, program manager, Silver Spring, Md., resident: "It's a renewable resource, non-polluting and I think it has unlimited potential. I also think it's the only way to go for a lot of (developing) third world nations. It would also allow us to be independent of Arabs oil embargos and make us more independent in international politics." Terry Ritter, 26, research assistant, resident at 6th and F streets NE: "I think it's a much better alternative than using up all the fossil fuels. I live in a townhouse on the Hill.I'm sure the cost of doing the house would be very expensive, and I think it would take away from the character of the house. But I'm just thinking of my house in Particular." Estelle Gross, 22, counselor, Bethesda, Md., resident: "The gas and everything else is going to run out fairly soon. I think (solar energy) is fairly inexhaustible and there are ways to store it. The cost eventually is going to be lessened. There's that initial output, but I can't see it costing anymore than gas." Phyllis Kass, 23, counselor, Foxhall and Reservoir Road NW resident: "I'm all for it. I'm glad they're making poeple more aware of what's going on. For awhile interest seemed to die down. I'm from Florida and there are houses down there using solar energy and they're less expensive than gas. There's not an unlimited supply of gas, but the sun is unlimited." Adrian Brown, 25, housing inspector, resident at 53rd and E streets SE: "I'm for solar energy. I feel it will (eventually) replace the conventional energy used in homes. It's more economical and cleaner to use."