Hilda Mason, an at-large member of the D.C. City Council for the past 13 months, has announced her candidacy for election to a full four-year term.

Mason, a member of the Statehood party, holds one of the two citywide council seats reserved by the city charter for members of minority parties. The Statehood Party has a registration of 1, 764 out of a current citywide total of 226,352 registered voters.

No other candidates have announced intentions to seek the minority-party seat that is open this year on the 13-member council.

A resident of Washington for more than 30 years, Mason said her involvement as an activist, teacher, School Board member and council member qualifies her well for a full four-year term.

Mason was appointed to the council in April 1977 to fill a vacancy that resulted from the death of Julius W. Hobson Sr., a founder of the Statehood Party. She was elected in a special election three months later to complete the term, which expires next January.

She announced her candidacy for the term at a news conference at the District Building last week.

"As an at-large council member, I believe that I have a particular responsibility to focus on issues that have long-range implications for the entire District," she said, naming what she called a few of the issues:

Adaquate education, tax reform, housing, economic development and full self-determination through statehood.