Arlington police are recommending that safety regulations for ice cream street vendors be presented to the County Board for approval following the death of a six-year old girl who was struck by a car last month on her way to an ice cream truck, a police spokesman said.

Capt. William K. Stover, police operations commander, said the department recently asked the county attorney to draft an ordinance that would prohibit ice cream vendors from parking within 100 feet of a corner or curve and would prohibit sales after dark. The ordinance is to be submitted to the board for approval. The police department also has begun a program in the schools to teach children the "hazards of approaching and leaving" ice cream trucks.

The measures are partly in response to an accident April 10 in which Sharon R. Cadle was struck by a car while running toward an ice cream truck from between two parked cars on the 800 block of South Arlington Mill Drive, Stover said. She died six days later. Charles E. Parker, a neighbor who was driving the car, has been charged with driving while under the influence of alcohol, police said.

Stove said Cadle's death probably was not caused through any fault the ice cream vendor and said the Good Humor Ice Cream Co. management, which operates the majority of ice cream vendor trucks in the county, has been "very cooperative" in trying to set safety standards.

"They're as concerned as we are about the safety of our children," he said. Stover said Good Humor has a safety program for its drivers. The drivers already do not work on busy streets in order to try to avoid any accidents, Stover added.