Gray will continue to be the sky's favorite color today, according to the National Weather Service, but the clouds are expected to skip town Friday and Saturday.

If you're had the feeling that May has been darker and wetter than usual this year, congratulations. Your senses are on the money. Ten of the month's first 16 days won a "cloudy" designation from the weather service, which means that an average of at least 8/10ths of the sky was covered from sunrise to sunset on those deplorable days.

Two days were "partly cloudy, meaning that somewhere between 4/10ths and 7/10ths of the sky was covered. And only a meager four days - glorious days, to be sure - earned the weather service's top rating of "sunny," which means that whatever clouds were on hand obscured less than 4/10ths of the sky.

As for rain, May already has brought 4.9 inchese of the stuff in our direction - with nearly half the month still lurking uncertainly in the future - compared to the monthly average of 3.68 inches.

Today, if it shapes up to weather service specifications, there should be more clouds, some sun, and a chance of scattered showers in the afternoon and evening. Friday and Saturday are expected to be fair and warm - with highs in the mid-70s to low 80s.

But get your weekend in early, because the clouds have scheduled a return visit for Sunday and Monday, according to the weather service, and they could be in a mood to unload some more rain.