The House voted 388 to 0 to extend to Sept. 30, 1980, a program offering trial federal jobs for disabled veterans and Vietnam-era veterans with fewer than 14 years of education.

It also would restore eligibility for those who have lost it.

The program is to expire June 30. The House was told by its Veterans affairs Committee that letting this happen "would not be in keeping with our national policy to extend every effort to help Vietnam-era and disabled veterans find satisfactory training and employment."

The program gives noncompetitive veterans readjustment" appointments to the five lowest Civil Service jobs, GS1 through GS5. It combines work with training so that a veteran who performs satisfactorily can get a career appointment after two years.

To be eligible, a veteran must have no more than 14 years of education and must apply within one year after leaving the military except for time out for hospitalization or further education.

The House bill would drop the one-year limitation and would increase the maximum grade level to GS7. Also, it would walve the 14-year education limit for disabled vets but would keep the educational limit for Vietnam-era vets who are not disabled.