David Carradine, 25, who pleaded guilty in March to the rape of a 14-year-old Washington girl, was given a suspended prison term yesterday by a D.C. Superior Court judge and placed on five years supervised probation under a rehabilitation program for alcoholics.

Judge Alfred Burka said that, although the facts of the case "easily justified" a long prision sentence, his decision was influenced by the "dramatic progress" Carradine made while a resident at Stepping Stones, an alcoholic treatment center located in northeast Washington.

Burka released Carradine to the custody of Stepping Stones last November, a move that the government strongly opposed. At the time, Carradine was being held in the D.C. jail on a $5,000 bond.

Yesterday, Burka gave Carradine a suspended sentence of 15 years to life in prison and then placed him on the supervised probation for five years. He ordered Carradine to remain with Stepping Stones, to continue attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and to receive psychotherapy.In addition, Burka said, he would hold a hearing ever four months to review Carradine's compliance with the terms of his probation.

"I understand full well the trauma the victim in this case went through and is continuing to go through," Burka told Carradine, "but I believe it is in her interest and the interest of the public for you to receive the sentence I have imposed."