When Frank and Wilda Malcolm decided to retire after running the Brookville-Seminary Valley section of ria for 23 years, it appeared likely that several thousand people would be deprived of a place to swim and socialize this summer.

But a group of residents from the Brookville-Seminary Valley section of Alexandria have raised more than $65,000 from membership fees, enough to pay the $40,000 rent of the five-acre complex, and the club is scheduled to reopen as usual during the Memorial Day weekend.

"If possible, we will open Saturday, said Virginia Dolan, president of a committe formed by the Brookville - Seminary Valley Civic Association to save the pool. "We have two full days of work left and it depends on the weather."

Dolan said members had been painting locker rooms and shack areas of the club and mowing lawns. If the Saturday deadline cannot be met, the club will open Monday.

The $65,000 was raised from 407 membership fees, and Dolan said she hopes to raise an additional $25,000 from new members and another $25,000 from rental of the facilities to groups. The Malcolms have agreed to lease the pool for $40,000 and an asyet-undetermined percentage of the club's gross earnings, according to Dolan.