George Mason University - On May 20, 134 master's and 564 bachelor's degrees were awarded.

Adelard L. Brault, majority leader of the Virginia Senate, addressed the graduating class.

Marymount College of Virginia - On May 8, the college awarded 220 associate degrees.

Patricia Connell Shakow, a graduate of Marymount and former legal counsel to Jacob Javits, delivered the commencement address.

An homorary doctor of humane letters degree was awarded to Margaret Josephine Mealey, former executive director of the National COuncil of Catholic Women.

northern Virginia Community College - WTOP commentator Martin Agronsky will address the approximately 1,900 students who are to receive associate degrees and one-year certificates at the June 23 joint commencement for all five campuses. District of Columbia

American University - More than 2,000 students received degrees in five ceremonies May 14.

Twenty-five bachelor's degrees were granted by the school of Nursing, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] K. Lewis, administrator of the Criscopal Church House for the Elderly, was the commencement speaker.

The School of Business Administration granted five doctoral, 100 master's and 182 bachelor's degrees. The commencement address was given by French author, lecturer and futurist Betrand deJouvenel.

Twelve associate, 563 bachelor's, 175 master's and 70 doctoral degrees were granted by the College of Arts and Sciences Division of Continuing Education. George Stevens Jr., director of the American Film Institute gave the commencement address. I. F. Stone, a noted journalist and distinguished scholar in residence at A.U., received an honory doctor of humane letters degree.

Alan K. Campbell, chairman of the U.S. Civil Service Commission was the speaker for the College of Public Affairs, which awarded 23 doctoral, 284 master's and 457 bachelor's degrees.

Secretary of Transportation Brock Adams gave the commencement address for the Washington College of Law from which 150 students graduated.

Antioch School of Law - Law degrees were awarded to 96 students May 21. Bruce Wright, a New York City Criminal Court judge, and Gloria Steinem, a leader in the wommen's movement spoke.

Catholic University of America - Three hundred and fifty-four doctoral, 944 master's and 549 bachelor's degrees were granted May 13. Kenneth Clark, British historian and author, give the commencement address and was awarded an honorary doctor of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] letters degree.

Others receiving honorary degrees were: Rev. Msgr. John Tracy Ellis, church historian, doctor of education: U.S. Ambassador At-Large Gerard Coad Smith, doctor of laws: Roy Wilkins, civil rights leader and executive director of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, doctor of human letters: Canon Fernand Van Steenberghen, philosophy professor at the University of Louvain, doctor of humane letters, and Mstislav Rostropovich, director of the National Symphony Orchestra, doctor of music.

Georgetown University - The School of Dentistry awarded 136 degrees May 20. The commencement speaker, Joseph F. Volker, chancellor of the University of Alabama and received an honorary doctor of science degree. Others awarded honorary doctor of science degrees were Jeanne C. Sinkford, dean of Howard University College of Dentistry, and George C. Paffenbarger, senior research associate with the National Bureau of Standards.

On May 21, the Law Center awarded 575 degrees. Duke University Chancellor A. Kenneth Pye delivered the commencement address and received an honorary doctor of laws degree.

Others receiving honorary doctor of laws degrees were: Kurt H. Biedenkopf, secretary general of the German-Christian Democratic Party: Daniel J. Boorstin, librarian of Congress; Joan Ganz Cooney, president of Children's Television Workshop ; Patrick Haynes, founder and managing director of the Washington Performing Arts Society, Elbert Tuttle, U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals judge, John T. Walker, sixth Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, and civil rights leader Roy Wilkins.

This Sunday, the Georgetown main campus will hold its commencement ceremony where 70 doctoral, 311 master's and 1215 Bachelors degrees are to be awarded. The commencement speaker will be Newsweek columnist George Will who is to receive an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

Honorary doctor of humane letters degrees also are to be awarded to Walter Cronkite; Massachusetts Congressman Sylvio Conte; Msgr. George G. Higgins, secretary of research for the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and D.C. School Suprintendent Vincent Reed.

Helen Creighton, an attorney and a proffesor of nursing at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee will receive an honorary doctor of science degree and HUD Secretary Partricia Roberts Harris will be given an honorary doctor of laws degree.

The John Carroll Medal of Merit for Outstanding Service to Others will be presented to New York Medical College professor Dr. John B. Zaontz.

On June 3, the School of Medicine will award 199 degrees. Dr. John E. Dunphy, professor of surgery emeritus at the University of California School of Medicine in San Francisco, will give the commencement address and will receive an honorary doctor of science degree.

Others to receive honorary doctor of science degrees are: Dr. W. Montague Cobb, distinguished professor of anatomy emeritus at the Howard University College of Medicine; Paul E. Coughlin, president of the Overseas Service Corporation; Dr. Thomas F. Keliher, professor emeritus of the Georgetown University Department of Medicine, and E. Todd Wheeler, health centers designer and architectural consultant for Perkins and Will.

George Washington University - On May 7, in six ceremonies, 48 doctoral, 1,052 master's, 931 bachelor's and 16 associate degrees, as well as 20 postmaster's graduate certificates were granted.

The Rev. John P. Whalen, executive director of the Consortium of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area, delivered the commencement address to the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Peter B. Vaill, retiring dean of the School of Government and Business Administration addressed that school's graduating class.

National Gallery of Art Director J. Carter Brown delivered the commencement speech to the Columbia College of Arts and Sciences and received an honorary doctor of letters degree.

Addressing the School of Engineering and Applied Science was Donald P. Hearth, director of the Langley Research Center of NASA. Hearth was presented an honorary doctor of science degree.

Steve Bell, an ABC news correspondent, delivered the commencement address to the School of Public and International Affairs.

Speaking to the School of Education and Human Development was Prince George's County School Superintendent Edward J. Feeny.

An honorary doctor of humanities degree was presented to the National Symphonic Orchestra Music Director Mitisiav Rostropovich.

Approximately 400 students were graduated from the National Law Center May 21. Mortimer M. Caplin, a former Internal Revenue Service commisioner, addresed the class, and John J. Wilson, who served 15 years on the Law Center's Board of Trustees, received an honorary doctor of laws degree.

On Friday, 149 students of the School of Medicine and Health Science are to receive degrees. Dr. Franz J. Inglefinger, clinical professor of medicine at Brown University and former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, will deliver the commencement address and receive an honorary doctor of laws degree.

Howard University - Mary Berry, HEW assistant secretary for education, spoke May 13 to approximately 1,800 graduating students.

Honorary degrees were presented to: William T. Coleman, former U.S. transportation secretary, doctor of laws; Dr. R. Frank Jones, retired medical director of Freedmans Hospital, doctor of science; Eleanor Holmes Norton, head of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, doctor of humanities, and Stevie Wonder, grammy-award-winning recording artist, doctor of humane letters.

Immaculata College - Robert Hoff, Immaculata professor of philosophy, addressed the 26 students who received associate degrees May 13.

Mount Vernon College - Fifty-four bachelor's and 66 associate degrees are to be awarded Sunday. Sen. Howard Baker (R Tenn) will address the graduating class and is to be presented with an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

Southeastern University - On May 15, the university awarded 171 master's, 61 bachelor's and 15 associate degrees.

Armand Hammer, President of the Occidental Oil Company, addressed the class.

Honorary degrees were awarded to: Ralph E. Becker, former chairman ambassodor to Honduras, doctor of laws; Arthur F. Burns, former chairman of the Federal Reserve System, doctor of public service, and Louise Gerrard, executive director of the West Virginia Commission of Aging, doctor of humane letters.

Strayer College - Approximately 190 students are to receive bachelor's and associate degrees and one-year certificates June 18. Commencement addresses will be made by the valedictorian and the salutorian.

Trinity College - On May 21, the college awarded 110 bachelor's and 130 master's degrees. Elizabeth T. Kennan, associate professor of history at Catholic University and the new president of Mt. Holyoke College, delivered the commencement address and was presented an honorary doctor of humane letters degree.

Other honorary doctor of humane letter degrees were awarded to: HEW Assistant Secretary for Human Development Arabelia Martinez; Sister Angela Elizaberth Keenan of the Sisters of Notre Dame, an author and former teacher at Trinity, and Elizabeth Brenner Drew, writer and television commentator.

University of the District of Columbia - One hundred and ninety-seven master's, 676 bachelor's and 268 associate degrees as well as 9 one-year certificates were granted May 14 at the university's first commencement.

Addressing the class was Eleanor Holmes Norton, head of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission.