Speaking of the Postal Service, Joe Condon has this comment to offer:

"You're pretty good at getting the Post Office Dept. back on the yellow brick road when they get detoured. You might be able to get them to straighten out the following:

"Here locally, the right-hand ZIP number doesn't always know what the left-hand ZIP number is doing, and I suspect this is also true nationwide.

"As an example, the mailbox at Western Avenue and 45th Street NW indicates that pickups will be made at noon on weekdays, and that the nearest box for later pickups is at Wisconsin and Warren. However, about a block away, at Western and 44th, there is a box that provides evening and Saturday pickups, and there are several other nearby boxes that also offer later service. I'm all for promoting exercise, but I think that making a person walk a mile instead of a block or two is carrying it too far."

It must be extrememly difficult for the Post Service to update scores of neighborhood pickup notices each time the pickup time is changed on one key box, but I have a feeling that Joe's egentle nudge will bring a speedy revision of the legends on the boxes along Wisconsin Avenue.