District of Columbia Police Chief Burtell M. Jefferson began implementing a program last week to improve morale in his department by creating a "Master Patrol Officer" position that will offer additional money and prestige to "exemplary" officers.

The program, which promote 56 officers in a department where promotions are limited, got underway when the selection of the officers was announced last Friday.

The new designation, while not a new rank, carries new responsibilities as well as an $810-a-year increase over the officer's current salary.

These officers,who will wear a new patch indicating their new designation, will have a number of new duties including training new officers, conductig ride-a-long programs and acting as temporary sergeants when the regular sergeant is absent.

The officers in the First Distirct are: James E. Harris, Calvin F. Hicks, Dennis L. Hillegas, Henry F. Lanham, Joseph Schwartz Jr., John A. Sims and James H. Williams.

In the Second District: Martin F. Bordell, James A. Britton, Rodger D. Chapman, Ruben E. Clemons. Matthew P. Kane, Dennis E. Larman and Eduardo Sevilla.

In the Third District: George E. Bellinger, Clinton D. Bement, Robert K. Graulty, Roger P. Jones, Winston Robinson Jr., William G. Shearin Billy W. Varvrick.

In the Fourth District: Phillip R. Cox, Steven A. Diubaldo, Willie E. Morris, RObert J. Noyes, Brian M. Presley, Anthony W. Russ and James Whitetaker.

In the Fifth District: William F. Fox, Robert E. Hooker, Calvert M. Johnson, William L. Jones, Wilson F. Pumphrey Jr., Daniel D. Sherika and Bennie L. Washington.

In the Sixth District: James E. Davis Jr., Harold V. Evans, George E. Hoover, Ronald L. Murphy, Robert E. Mullins, Michael J. Radzilowski and Francis X. Smith.

In the Seventh District: John A. Coffey, James F. Dodrill, Wilbert Jefferson, Bobbie J. Parker, Norman C. Sanders, James E. Spriggs and Charles L. Washington.

In the Special Operation and Traffic Division: Michael J. Mallach, Jerry R. Baughn, Richard L. Jenks, James E. Hunt, Percell M. Gregory, Richard D. Clark and Frank Strother.