A man who stopped to help two women whose car apparently had broken down ended up being raped by the women at gunpoint several minutes later, he told police yesterday.

According to police, the man, 23, from Fort Meade, was driving south on Rte. 197 at about 6 a.m. yesterday when he spotted the women and their car parked by the side of the road, apparently in need of help.

Police said he pulled over and was told by the women they needed a jump start. They said that after getting the car started the man turned to find one of the women pointing a gun at him.

"Give us your money," police said the woman demanded.

"I only have a quarter," the victim replied.

The victim told police he was forced into the back seat of the car while the women drove south for about a mile, stopping near a wooded area.

The man was taken into the wooded area and told to take his clothes off. Bothe women then molested him and forced him to have intercourse with them, according to police.

He then was left in the woods as the women drove north on Rte 197.

The victim was treated and released at Prince George's County General Hospital. Police said they could not recall if such an incident ever had been reported in Price George's County.