The Fairfax County Park Authority has allocated $4,505,760 of the bond money for use in the Providence District. The Park Authority is authorized to spend $3,020,760 on 17 development projects amounting to 70 acres of land.

The following is the second of three reports on projects and parks in the Providence District, where the money is scheduled to be spent in the next five years. Subsequent reports will describe where the money will be spent in the county's other magisterial districts.

Eakin Community Park - $15,000 was set aside for development in this 23.3-acre park at 3400 Prosperity Ave., Annandale. The park already has a picnic area, trails, playground, natural area, open play area, parking, two ballfields, two tennis courts and a soccer-football field.

A master plan for development has already been adopted, and work is scheduled to begin this summer on a conservation effort that will include an interpretive trail with wayside exhibits. Other construction may include a basketball court, tennis practice area, playground, walkways and landscaping. Funds for those developments are from previous bond monies.

Gallows Road Area - $150,000 was allocated for the purchase of up to 5 acres of land for a community park in Shamrock Heights along Gallows Road in Annandale. The Park Authority will begin identifying the site in 1981. No money was set aside for development.

Greenway Downs Community Park - $70,000 was set for development in this 3.9-acre community park at 6900 Curtis Parkway, Falls Church. The park already has a basketball court, tennis practice wall, sitting area and landscaping. No master plan for development has been adopted for this area, and public opinions on development will be solicited this spring. The Park Authority expects a public hearing to be held this summer or fall. Developments ideas currently include tennis courts, an open play area, picnic and playground areas, trails and an adult area.

Hollywood Road Community Park - $50,000 was allocated for development of this 5.7-acre park at the intersection of Hollywood Road and West Street in Falls Church. The park is currently undeveloped. There is no master plan for development yet, and the Park Authority expects to solicit public opinion on the project in 1981. At this point, development ideas include a picnic and playground area, and adult area and trails.

Idylwood Community Park - $120,000 was set aside for additional development of this 13.8-acre park at 7715 Virginia Ave., Falls Church. The Park Authority has recently completed the first phase of construction, including work on a parking area, an access road, two ball fields and a soccer-football field that soon will be available for use. That construction was financed through funds from a previous bond referendum.

The second phase of development is scheduled to begin in 1980 with funds from the June 1977 bond referendum, Tennis and basketball courts, a playground and picnic area, shelter-restrooms and landscaping will be included in that development. A master plan has already been approved.

James Lee School Site - $20,000 was set aside for development of an 11.7-acre community park at 6640 School La., Falls Church. The Park Authority does not own this land, but uses it through an agreement with the county Board of Supervisors. Present facilities include basketball courts, two tennis courts, two playground areas, a picnic area, a soccer-football field and two baseball-softball fields. A master plan has already been adopted for development of the park. Work is scheduled to begin in 1981 on an adult area and landscraping. CAPTION: Picture, Ron Merelman and his dog, Schoena, relax at Greenway Downs Community Park. The park is set to receive $70,000 in developments funds. By Craig Herndon - The Washington Post