Attorneys for millionaire parking lot owner Dominic F. Antonelli Jr. and ex-D.C. mayoral aide Joseph P. Yeldell yesterday asked a federal judge to force the government to turn over additional material to them for their defense against bribery charges.

Edward Bennett Williams, representing Antonelli, and John A. Shorter, representing Yeldell, said the material is necessary to help them prepare for the scheduled September trial.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Richard Beizer of the fraud division said that much of the material gathered in the lengthy investigation already has been turned over to the defense, and that the government is withholding only about 14 transcripts of testimony of witnesses who appeared before the grand jury.

He said the main reason for withholding those documents is so the witnesses - most of them D.C. employes and employes of banks who deal with Antonelli - will not feel under any undue work or social pressure before the trial.

The government is not required under law to make such materials available until after the witnesses testify, but it has agreed to the judge's request to make as much material available as possible before trial.

The defense attorneys argued that [TEXT OMITTED FROM SOURCE] official and Antonelli has removed himself from the Madison National Bank board.

U.S. District Judge Gerhard A. Gesell said he would rule later on the request. The trial date is Sept. 18.