Thirty-two of the nation's experts on public administration have responded to a Senate Governmental Affairs Committee request to comment on the proposed civil service reform package. The overwhelming consensus of the group, ranging from state government officials to prestigious "think tanks," is that the reform plan is, on balance, good and would improve the quality of personnel in government.

Most of the "negative" comments about the reform plan actually were either "reutral" or "no response" answers. The majority, however, said they approve the President's package.

Committee sources say it is significant that the only real "doubts" about the plan dealt with the Senior Executive Service. In that respect, 11 of the respondent said they like the idea, only one was actually opposed, 3 said they had no opinion and 17 did not give a response.

Their comments - which are available form the committee - are likely to persuade Chairman Abraham Ribicoff (D-Conn.) and ranking minority member Charles Pery (R-IIL), to go along with the reforms.

Both had doubts about some aspects of the comprehensive changes, but the favorable response they got from the 32 selected experts in the field of public administration have erased most of thosedoubts.