Two 18-year-old Reston youths were arrested early yesterday morning on charges growing out of what police said was a joy ride during which they allegedly shot windows out of more than 105 cars, two school buses, a bank and a hotel with air rifles.

Fairfax County police said the youths, Robert A. DeFilippi and Morris L. Broome, were taken into custody at their homes after the shooting in the passenger parking lot at Dulles International Airport and in Reston.

Police said the confiscated Citizen Band and transistor radios, binoculars, tool boxes and other items that were believed taken from the cars whose windows were shot out.

The shootings apparently began at the Sheraton International Inn in Reston, where several car windows and three large windows at the hotel were broken about 1 a.m. said Betty Bosatge, a county police spokeswoman.

A Fairfax County police officer, Larry Sherertz, had just stopped two youths in a 1971 Ford Mustang who were in the motel parking lot but let them go after talking with them briefly she said. He was called back to the hotel moments later when employees called police to report their car windows broken, Bosatge said.

Shortly afterwards Dulles police called to ask Fairfax police to broadcast a lookout for a Mustang sought in connection with shotting windows of more than 75 cars in the airport's main parking lot. Although airport police had not seen the shootings, a parking lot attendant had taken the license number of a suspicious looking car, Bosatge said.

In Reston, police later received reports of two school buses each with at least 30 windows shot out, shootings of plate glass windows at the Washington and Lee Savings and Loan Association and windows of at least 30 cars. The exact number was not known as complaints from Reston residents were still coming in last night.

Damage was estimated by police to be at least $10,000 to $20,000.

Both youths are charged with destruction of private property but addition charges are expected to be filed shortly by airport police investigating the shootings in conjunction with the FBI, since Dulles is federal property.

One youth, DeFilippi, was released to custody of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. DiFilippi of 11608 Clipstone La., Reston, according to police. Broome, was arrested later yesterday and was to be arraigned before a magistrate last night.