Proposals for the 178-acre Largo Town Center will be taken up at a public hearing scheduled by the Prince George's County Council for 7:30 p.m. next Tuesday in the County Administration Building.

Plans for the complex, which will be south-east of the Capital Centre, will be discussed in connection with a county plan to rezone land east of Landover Road from commercial to residential use. County planners said they hope to concentrate all of the commercial property planned for that area into the Largo Town Center.

The County Council voted this week to send the town center plans to public hearing as part of proposed additions to the Largo-Lottsford sectional map planning area. The center could have a maximum of 1,950 residential units and up to 2.3 million square feet of commercial space.

Northampton Corporation, developers of the Town Center, are in the first stages of obtaining building and zoning permits for the complex. Glen Harold, an attorney for the corporation, said Northampton has "Purposely left many of the areas vague because we wanted to give ourselves flexibility as the project nears completion of its planning stage." He said "it's too early to tell" when construction on the complex will be completed. he added that the location of the Town Center, only two miles from the Landover shopping mall, will influence the type of businesses in it.

Warren Kahle, planning coordinator for the County COuncil, said the new town will "probably not have any department stores" and is expected to house motels and office space for use by Capitol Centre patrons.

Plans also include a "visitor activity center," which may become the answer to the country's need for a convention center, Kahle said. Prince George's officials sought but failed to gain approval from the state legislature last year for a state-supported convention center. Harold said the developers are leaving open the possibility of constructing a large or small convention center in Largo Town Center until plans for the District of Columbia convention center are firmer.

Another issue to be taken up at the hearing next week is a proposal to rezone 311 acres of land on the north side of White House Road, just south of the pepco right-of-way. Developers want to build three houses per one acre lot instead of the two now allowed.

The county also is proposing to rezone 101 acres of land immediately south of Watkins Regional Park between the Pepco right-of-way and the Western Branch to reduce from two toone the number of houses that can be built on each one-acre lot.