"Are you able to manage on your income?" Staff writer Joann Stevens and Photographer Michael Ford Parks went to the downtown business area to ask District residents their views . Howard Wilson, 27, Internal Revenue Department file clerk, resident of 4th and Atlantic streets SE: I can't do anything with my income (about $7,000 annually) but pay bills. I'd like to go see some plays or entertainment at the Kennedy Center, but anything over the necessities I can't afford. I don't know as much as I would like to because I can't get the exposure. I'm working eight hours a day but my job can't support me." Marilyn Smith, 23 secretary, resident of 4th and Atlantic streets SE: "My salary is $11,000 and I live with someone , but together we just manage. My home is New Mexico and I struggle to get home every year. Clothes are hard to buy, but I think one of the major factors is the rent. Everytime your salary goes up the rent goes up too." Deborah Kelly, 20, clerk-typist, resident of 32nd and Dubois streets SE: "I just make it. My salary is better than some people's (about $9,000 annually). Still I miss having nice things to wear, a car and toys for my son. The gas bill is very hard to pay. If you pay a small amount, the next one comes larger. If you pay it all, it starts all over again. No matter what you pay it doesn't even out." Patricia Lesane, 20, clerk-typist, resident of 11th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue SE: "I'm doing pretty well. I think I make more than the minimum (about $9,000 annually) and I manage my money. I don't run up a lot of bills. I buy in small quantities. I'm still living at home, which helps. But everything is still expensive." Darnell Dunson, 28, construction inspector, resident of 12th and Irving streets NE: "I do fairly well. I know what I can have and what I can't do with. My car is paid for and I would like to buy a house in D.C. so I'd have a tax shelter. Income tax hits me kind of tough because I'm single. That's my major concern, that's why I'd like to own property." Nancy Button, secretary, resident of 2nd Street SE: "The District income is not high enough to live on. You survive from one pay day to the other. I live in an apartment. I find you can't get the landlord to fix things, but they're steadily going up on the rent." Marsha Gilreath, secretary, resident of Alabama Avenue SE: "It's very hard to manage on my income ($10,000 annually in the District. I need about $30,000. You go to purchase things, they're extremely high. I prefer to go out to Maryland. You pay transportation and you're still saving. Utilities are high here, and then you can't get the city to provide good services."