The area's largest massage parlor ring, raided last week by dozens of FBI agents, was a highly structured commercial operation closely keyed to the area's hotel and convention business and equipped with detailed business forms, judging by lists of items seized in the raid.

Booklets containing schedules of Washington area conventions and meetings, thousands of small, multi-colored promotion cards liberally distributed in hotels and "system out-line" and "assignment control" sheets were among the items confiscated, according to search warrant inventories made public yesterday at U.S. District Court in Alexandria.

Agents raiding the Tiki Tiki Massage Parlor at 3023A Duke St., Alexandria, also found a letter from Jeff McIntyre, rooms manager of the Sheraton Park Hotel, in which McIntyre protested the distribution of the small promotion cards "in our phone booths, lobby tables and also in the restrooms."

"They'd only come in here when there was a major convention in the hotel," McIntyre said yesterday, commending the network's "good timing" and "advertising techniques" while condemning the promotional practice. "We get tired of it," he said. "All the hotels in Washington face the same problem."

The problem, according to an FBI affidavit in support of last week's raids, stemmed from a widespread massage parlor and outcall business based largely in Alexandria and described in the affidavit as "the largest, most sophisticated commercialized prostitution business" here.

The business, operating through several corporate layers and names at several different locations, the FBI said, was owned and operated by one man, 33-year-old Michael Louis Parrish, whose $105,000 house at 1700 Mason Hill Dr. in the Mount Vernon area, was among the raided locations.

Taken from Parrish's home, according to the inventories, were a shredder machine and three "leaf bags containing shredded material," along with numerous records, ammunition, a magnum relover and a 12-gauge shotgun, lists of police officers regularly assigned to prostitution work and a black briefcase with the nameplate of the "Office of Nelson A. Rockefeller."

Agents combing through Parrish's home between 9:10 p.m. Wednesday and 4:32 a.m. Thursday also found two file folders containing information thing," said Lee. "It's the ability and about bingo games, and a third holding "numerous failure reports for voided calls" from rejected masseuses.

File cabinets at the Tiki Tiki parlor revealed the variety of forms that provided a detailed accounting of the business: "day at a glance" schedules, polygraph consent forms (for masseuses) and schedules, individual statistic forms and shift schedules.

Packets of "prefereed customer" file cards were unearthed for half a dozen Parrish parlors, including Bunny's Dial, Us, Tiki-Tiki, Phase II, Foxy Lady and Hearts, according to the FBI lists.

FBI agents also found a two-page bad check list (four copies) dated Feb. 6, 1978, at 618 N. Washington St., allegedly Parrish's corporate headquarters, and an unexplained "Customer's Black List" at Tiki Tiki.

On the second floor of Bunny's at 208 N. Washington St., they found what they said were the guts of the outcall operation - 18 phones and a chalk board - and two paper shredders.